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Sofia – fashion capital of the Balkans
Sunday, 03 October 2010 00:00

newsThe fashion forum “Sofia – fashion capital of the Balkans” was organized in the Central Universal Shop’s garden.
The Bulgaria’s top-models Gergana Malkodanska, Gergana Doncheva, Petya Velkova, Borisa Tyutyundjieva marched by on a 100-meters especially prepared for the show flooring.
Among the fashion collections presented at the show was the 2010/2011 autumn-winter collection of the Italian brand KLASS for bags and accessories.
The collection consists of true python leather hand-made unique bags.
During the show Maestro Kristian Koev performed his “The Beginning” composition.
Special VIP guest was the Italian fashion journalist Raluca Putilan who arrived directly from Milano’s fashion week. The fashion figure lives in New York, owns the fashion channel – RALUKA.TV and has a 15-tears career in RAI. Her appearance at the Sofia fashion show is Bulgaria’s ticket to the world fashion stage. Another special guest was Mr. Tiziano Barlotta – the fashion manager and PR of Ferrari Challenger.

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