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A new jewel in KLASS
Saturday, 21 January 2012 09:57

truffleKLASS added a new jewel to its luxury collections. Our boutique offers the culinary diamond - truffle with a celection of:

WHITE TRUFFLE (Tuber Magnatum Pico);
(Tuber Aestivum Vittadini);
UNCINATE TRUFFLE (Tuber Uncinatum Chatin);
(Tuber Borchii Vittadini).

The rare product is imported from Ravenna, Italy and is presented in luxury and convenient for direct consumption package.

Information about various sorts of truffles:
WHITE TRUFFLE (Tuber Magnatum Pico): one of the most highly esteemed truffles, extremely rare due to its need for an uncontaminated environment and high level of biodiversity conditions. Rich in water and mineral salts it ranges in size: from tht of a walnut to an orange, in rare and fortunate cases it can become of exceptional size. It is considered the "diamond"of truffles for its preciousness and its commercial value. Peridium or peel (surface of the truffle): smooth, light ochre yellowish colour, sometimes greenish; Gleba or pulp (internal part): nut brown colour wih fine veins; Аroma: intense and aromatic, unmistakable; Symbiont Plants (the mother plants that produce it): oak, poplar, willow and linden; Harvest season: 1st October - 31st December;
BLACK SUMMER TRUFFLE (Tuber Aestivum Vittadini):
a black truffle of excellent culinary qualities, the black outside surface is covered in pyramidl warts; it reaches remarkable size even up to 700 grams in weight. It has an intense and inviting aromatic fragrance and you can perceive the aroma of earthy woodland. Peridium or peel (surface of the truffle): blackish brown with evident pyramidal warts; Gleba or pulp (internal part): dark, marbled, light coloured when unripe; Аroma: delicate and pleasant; Symbiont Plants (the mother plants that produce it): oak, hazelnut, hornbeam; Harvest season: 1st May - 30th August;
UNCINATE TRUFFLE (Tuber Uncinatum Chatin):
the uncinate Truffle belongs to a category of truffles highly appreciated in France known as "Truffle  black truffle of excellent culinary qualities, the black outside surface is covered in pyramidl warts; it reachde Bourgogne". It is a quality that ripens in the Autumn - Winter season. It has high organoleptic qualities, aesthetically perfect it reaches considerable size and thanks to the cold winter climate it is not attacked by flies and insects. Its flavour is a lot more intense that the summer truffle. Peridium or peel (surface of the truffle): similar to the precious black;Gleba or pulp (internal part): darker with more evident veins; Аroma: very intense, fruity; Symbiont Plants (the mother plants that produce it): oak, hazelnut, beech; Harvest season: Autumn - Winter;
BIANCHETTO TRUFFLE ИЛИ WHITISH TRUFFLE (Tuber Borchii Vittadini): it is the best truffle to be used with game (hare, pheasant, woodcock, wild boar) due to its variability in flavour, good and pleasant to the palate, but not always delicate and mild. It does not reach large dimensions somethimes like a wlnut other times like an orange. It has an irregular tuber shape, gibbous, lobated, lacking a protuberant base. Flesh and pulp at the beginning is of an ochre and light colour, upon ripening they take on a reddish brown or purplish brown colour. Peridium or peel (surface of the truffle): similar to the precious white but slightly darker; Gleba or pulp (internal part): similar to the precious white but slightly darker; Аroma: less intense than the precious white but more garlicky; Symbiont Plants (the mother plants that produce it): broad-leaved and conifers; Harvest season: 15th January - 30th March;

Klass launched Mary Poppins
Tuesday, 06 September 2011 00:00

mary poppins shoeKlass launched shoe model Mary Poppins

The model is an exclusive collection for 2011 - 2012.As usual the colection reflects the luxury and exquisiteness of Klass products.
The model is handmade with quality and comes with one year guarantee.
Klass produces not more than 10 pairs of the model fer a country.

Every client has an opportunitiy to put his own initials on his Mary Poppins shoes.

How to make an individual order for Mary Poppins? shema


mary poppins pic
Woman shoes KLASS, model MARY POPPINS. Handmade.

Product Details...


Gallery Mary Poppins:

Working process:

Articolo originale: Klass Italia

KLASS Boutique Openning
Friday, 10 December 2010 00:00

KLASS Boutique Openningklass

Tha Italian brand KLASS officially opened a new luxury boutique in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Boutique Klass is an exclusive representative of the Italian KLASS – bags, Jewelry and accessories, Murano illuminants, hand - made by Venetian craftsmen.

Boutique KLASS is an official representative of the world famous brand for ART mosaic products, SICIS Italia.
KLASS is a symbol of high quality products made of real materials, such as real python leather handbags, silver and gold Jewells with precious and semi-precious stones.

Among the guests present on the event were Maetsro Kristian Koev – The Golden Flute, Roumen Boyadzhiev, businessman, Stoyan Apostolov, Pavel Chernev, Roumynetza and Enchev, Galina, Bibi Toncheva, Krasi Avramov and Diana Dimitrova, a model from “NextOneAgency”, who came back from London especially for the event.

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Wednesday, 13 October 2010 00:00

colourKlass launched new color lines for its bags. The brand's clients can now choose different colours, within the four new galleries: "Summer", "Winter", "Cosmo", "Indio".
Each KLASS bag is hand made by Italian masters to be unique, individual and personalized. From now on the brand offers wide range of colours to answer even "hard to please" taste.

Working together with the best craftsmen from Florence Klass transfers all values of centuries-old art in style and leather processing in its collections:

Gallery Summer

Gallery Winter

Gallery Cosmo:

Gallery ndio:


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Sofia – fashion capital of the Balkans
Sunday, 03 October 2010 00:00

newsThe fashion forum “Sofia – fashion capital of the Balkans” was organized in the Central Universal Shop’s garden.
The Bulgaria’s top-models Gergana Malkodanska, Gergana Doncheva, Petya Velkova, Borisa Tyutyundjieva marched by on a 100-meters especially prepared for the show flooring.
Among the fashion collections presented at the show was the 2010/2011 autumn-winter collection of the Italian brand KLASS for bags and accessories.
The collection consists of true python leather hand-made unique bags.
During the show Maestro Kristian Koev performed his “The Beginning” composition.
Special VIP guest was the Italian fashion journalist Raluca Putilan who arrived directly from Milano’s fashion week. The fashion figure lives in New York, owns the fashion channel – RALUKA.TV and has a 15-tears career in RAI. Her appearance at the Sofia fashion show is Bulgaria’s ticket to the world fashion stage. Another special guest was Mr. Tiziano Barlotta – the fashion manager and PR of Ferrari Challenger.

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