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About us

Our philosophy

"Klass" is a brand for expensive goods and accessories.
Each product is unique, individual and personalized, corresponding to the brand’s logo – a white unicorn enclosed by shield and crown.According to the legend the Unicorn is unattainable; a symbol of nobility and great origin; carries the spirit of true winner as are Klass's clients.


The basis of “Klass” is laid in Italy.
The quality of the products is due to the skills of Italian leather and shoe masters from Florence and ElleMarche. These regions are the most famous centers of leather and shoe craft – a guarantee for highest professionalism. Each handbag and accessory; each pair of shoes is hand-made; each product is unique, individual and personalized. Klass combines high-quality materials - natural and exotic leather – and exquisite design, complying with the tradition and philosophy of the brand – love to beauty, eccentricity and innovation.